Children of Inheritance

Agathon's Rest

The Beginning

  • Everyone arrived at Agathon’s Rest.
  • Met each other.
  • Things exculated quickly between Crixis and Neoma.
  • Crixis and Tarken then dueled.
  • Crixis lost.
    • Sore loser.
  • Group met Drustan.
  • Readied for journey to Echo Pass.
  • Asherah commissioned a wooden totem moon for Neoma.
  • The group set out early in the morning into Naeh Forest.
  • Crixis angered Drustan by giving him commands.
  • Drustan gave everyone reindeer except Crixis who was told to run behind.
  • Geodaeus tricked Crixis by pulling and pushing his legs causing him to run more easily and then fall bad.
  • Crixis collapsed and Asherah offered her reindeer to him.
  • The group continued foward until…
  • But they died pretty quickly.
    • Drustan killed two
    • Neoma killed one
    • Crixis killed one
    • Geodaeus killed one
    • Bostich killed one.




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