General Tarken

Supreme Commander of the Southern City States "SCS"


Deity Parent: Aemdcupy
Height: 7’1"

Tarkin’s Logs


EARLY LIFE: Tarken was born to Aimed-Ku-Pie, the God Of War and ecstasy, and Era-tine, the daughter of the final chieftain of Ageth. The War God agreed to never allow war on Ageth in exchange for a night with Eratine. After that night, Eratine never saw the god of war again. 6 years later, Aimed-Ku-Pie decided he was bored of the peace in the region and allowed the Olden Empire to pillage Ageth. Most of the villagers were slaughtered, the rest were enslaved and taken from their home of Ageth. The Chieftain was publicly gutted and his head put on a pole. Eratine was Raped in her home by countless Olden soldiers as 5 year old Tarken had his eyes forced open by two of the soldiers, and watched as his mother was raped and then had her throat slit. Ageth was no more.

Tarken Age 6-19: After escaping Ageth, Tarken fled to the south, out of Olden’s reach. There he met a man named Kristoph. Kristoph found the boy nearly dead in the snow. After nursing Tarken back to health, Kristoph became Tarken’s mentor and friend. He taught him how to hunt and fight, and the true value of peace. Had it not been for Kristoph, young Tarken may have become a much darker person, hellbent on revenge, but instead lives for peace, pushing revenge into the corner of his mind, although it does seep out once in awhile. After everything he could teach, Kristoph died, he was already an old man, Tarken was 15. Tarken Spent his teen years traveling the southern border, talking to the other city states about who he was, and what his goals were, Eventually, one of the the city state’s Generals “General Hubis” Got furious. He claimed that Tarken was a “Cocky bastard who knew nothing of war and peace”. He challenged Tarken to a duel and said, “I’m going to slay this boy, should he miraculously defeat me, he can have my Job”. And after only a few seconds of fighting, most of General Hubis was leaking in the cracks of the floor.

“General Tarken” Age 19-23: Tarken had become General of the city state “Alora”. After 4 years of peace talks, several other city states have joined under him and his fight for peace. The city states and regions under General Tarken’s command are all under one flag, “The Grey Wolf”. The Grey wolf is the official symbol of the “Southern City States” Or “SCS” as it is commonly referred to. At Age 23, Tarken decided to take a break from his campaign and connect with his Demi-god heritage. He decided to take part in the great hunt, and prove to his father that he was worth talking to.

General Tarken

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