Bostich - Entry 7 - Festivities

I’ve failed Dantine.

This long mountain journey traveling with the Naeh, coupled with the grandeur and renown of the Great Hunt itself, were all most would require to steel themselves for their tasks.

Yet there remain mysteries beyond all of my prior recognition.
The… flowing structure of Gyi’e Reach. The significant beast sacrificed in the name of the Great Hunt.
In the critical moment, the moment where chance and opportunity met and held hands but briefly before departing, I found myself fully unprepared for such sights, and the one task that I had laid out for myself to fail.

It is no surprise to find Kesme scarce, this night as well as any. Fitting of my journey’s situation as well to lack a presence of Dasbacd, similarly.

These failures shall continue to remain a constant reminder of that which I will forever wield.
Honestly I fear one day I shall no longer be able to disrespect Her beyond Her death, and even these two weakened hands shall be not enough to lift Her.

These grand, full cheers and celebrations in the names of the gods are naught but an empty hall to me.
Let the drink have its cheer of me, then, for there’s little else I’d dare proclaim worth making its mockery of my soul than this harsh liquid tormentor.

Bostich - Entry 7 - Festivities

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