Oceana Joins the Ocean

Oldden had already been through Oceana, but they were not destroyed, only occupied. I wonder if Clearwater resisted. The bodies of the demi-gods slain in Raynesse were hanged by the entrance. No doubt a warning to keep the citizens silent.

Syris is dangerous. Oldden must have done something terrible to her in the past, but that does not excuse slaughtering defenseless men. And she has the audacity to call them the monsters.

A tidal wave overtook Oceana. We managed to get most of the citizens to high ground before it struck. We lost sight of Tarkin in the chaos, but I cannot imagine he was killed by the wave, what with his uncanny ability to leap out of danger.

After the water subsided, most of the villagers began migrating to Redgate. Rumors claim an army is being raised there to retake Luhlumere, which has already fallen. It is very strange to me that Redgate is not in the hands of Oldden. Either they did not bother to take it, or they did not leave enough men behind to defend it. What can they possibly hope to accomplish by occupying only a single city, so far from their country and with nowhere to escape to but the sea? We are missing something vital, and it is extremely unsettling to me.

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Oceana Joins the Ocean

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